Why reform the House of Lords?

The vast majority of people want the House of Lords reformed, because it is an undemocratic relic of times long past. The average age of the members of the House of Lords is 69 years old (the average!) and most of them are men.

It's time to replace the House of Lords with a representative, random sample of 650 everyday people - people just like you and me.

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In a Citizens' House selected using sortition (random selection) half of the people would be women, and half men. Many of them would be young, and some old. There would be one from every corner of the country, and their educational levels would also match the census data. In short, it would be a mirror of our society.

These people would serve two year terms (with one quarter of them rotating out every six months) and be paid twice the average full-time UK wage. They would have the same powers as the current House of Lords. During their term they would deliberate in a respectful setting, with expert facilitation and access to balanced information, and pass public judgement on all legislation. These people would not be constrained by the electoral or media cycles, and would act in the long-term interests of our country.

Why a Citizens' House in Parliament? Because we know these assemblies work. Because people trust the decisions these assemblies make. Because they come to the decisions that we all would come to if we had access to balanced information and the time to deliberate on the options together with a diverse group of people. Because these people are free from the constraints imposed on today's politicians. Find out more below.

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