What powers would the House of Citizens have?

We propose that the powers of the House of Citizens initially remain the same as the current House of Lords.

They will have the power to debate legislation and amend, delay, and in limited instances, reject a bill from the House of Commons. By custom and law the House of Citizens would not have this power on money bills (taxation and supply bills).

We would propose that all other legislation be given adequate time in the House of Citizens for them to come to an informed public judgement regarding the bill.

Who else wants a House of Citizens?

Mary Beard and Arron Banks want to "draw the House of Lords by lot because it works perfectly well for juries."

Stephen Fry thinks selecting MPs by lottery would be "a brilliant idea."

Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd got "incredibly enthused" by sortition and deliberative democracy and think it is a way to bring political change forward.

Anthony Barnett (founder of openDemocracy) wants a Citizens' House as well.

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