Manifesto for a Citizens' House in Parliament

We want to do democracy differently. We want to transform our broken political system by replacing the House of Lords with a House of Citizens.

Citizens' Parliament

We believe that putting everyday people in the house of review in parliament will:

  • ensure that the informed, considered voice of the people is heard in the legislative process;
  • make our elected politicians more accountable;
  • increase the trust people have in legislative decisions;
  • keep the house of review independent of political parties, factions and political infighting;
  • provide a counterweight to the powerful vested interests that often distort political decision-making.

We urge all political parties to support replacing the House of Lords with a House of Citizens and to introduce legislation to implement such a change immediately.

To find out more about this proposal see FAQ.

Who's endorsing

Robert Pennington
Molly Thomson
Paul Thomas
Terry Smyth
David McCarthy
Ian Tucker
Imogen Harvey
Ray kewin
Jill Allen
Gary Allen
Simon Nithsdale
Travis Smith
Donald Couper
Jack Saunders
Alvan J. Kingston
Richard Schuitema
Johannes Theuns
Simon Brown
Samantha Rapley
Rohan Cragg
Samuel Cragg
Philip Gray
Marcus LeVere
tulllio marino terramia
Edward Hudson
Kristofer Craig
devon holland
Thomas Walker

176 endorsements

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