Manifesto for a Citizens' House in Parliament

We want to do democracy differently. We want to transform our broken political system by replacing the House of Lords with a House of Citizens.

Citizens' Parliament

We believe that putting everyday people in the house of review in parliament will:

  • ensure that the informed, considered voice of the people is heard in the legislative process;
  • make our elected politicians more accountable;
  • increase the trust people have in legislative decisions;
  • keep the house of review independent of political parties, factions and political infighting;
  • provide a counterweight to the powerful vested interests that often distort political decision-making.

We urge all political parties to support replacing the House of Lords with a House of Citizens and to introduce legislation to implement such a change immediately.

To find out more about this proposal see FAQ.

Who's endorsing

Gary Jenkinson-Graham
Nick Hudson
Benjamin Redhead
Michael Powell
Guy Jones
Will Sanderson
jignesh Rajgor
Stewart Brough
Ben Lewis
Jamie White
Daniel Davies
Stamatios Stamatopoulos
Margot Melville
Esther Gooch
Emilia Melville
J-Donald Tournier
James Organ
Richard Forsyth
Tom Lord
Rich Rippin
Efstathios Stefanidis
Rosemary Geake
Rohan Cragg
S Mumford
Edward Hudson
Jenny Langley
Mantas Cesynas
Ben White

221 endorsements

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