What exactly are you proposing?

We want the House of Lords replaced with a representative, random selection of everyday people - a House of Citizens.

The number of people would be the same as the number in the House of Commons (650 at the moment). They would serve two-year terms, with one quarter of them (approximately 162) being replaced every six months, and would be paid twice the average full-time UK wage.

Extra provisions would be made for the primary carers of the young or the elderly, or disadvantaged citizens. Students would be given the option to suspend their studies, or postpone their appointment. All employees would be guaranteed a position at an equivalent level and pay to the job they were leaving for two years, and self-employed or small business employees would be given extra compensation to ensure financial security upon their return to normal employment.

Who else wants a House of Citizens?

Mary Beard and Arron Banks want to "draw the House of Lords by lot because it works perfectly well for juries."

Stephen Fry thinks selecting MPs by lottery would be "a brilliant idea."

Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd got "incredibly enthused" by sortition and deliberative democracy and think it is a way to bring political change forward.

Anthony Barnett (founder of openDemocracy) wants a Citizens' House as well.

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