What exactly are you proposing?

Lords Reform is long overdue, but our politicians can't get the required legislation through parliament, perhaps because the issue is so politically charged.

One way to confront highly political issues about the way our democracy functions is to empower a randomly selected, representative sample of ordinary people to tackle the problem and come up with a proposal. The participants don't need to worry about media ratings, and don't have to win an election, or please party factions or donors - in many ways they are more free than our politicians to make impartial decisions for the long term common good of the country.

So we want such an assembly - a Citizens' Parliament - to consider the options, consult widely, deliberate together, and come up with a proposal. This process would be done over several weekends over the course of a year. The timetable may be something like this:

January-March: Learning phase: The participants study the history, options and complexities of House of Lords reform.

April-June: Consultation phase: The participants consult widely, around the country and in their own constituencies.

July-September: Deliberation phase: The participants deliberate together, and request more information if needed.

October-November: Decision phase: They come up with some options, and vote to choose a final one.

Then the proposal would be put to a national referendum.


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