#LordsReform - Let the people decide

The vast majority of people want the House of Lords reformed.

About 7 out of 10 people think, if it is to be reformed, that "a group of ordinary voters should decide, selected as a jury”.

And over half the people think the final decision should be made by referendum.

So that is what we are proposing.

We want the government to constitute and empower a 650-member, random though representative sample of ordinary citizens to consider, research, deliberate on, and then make a House of Lords Reform proposal. This proposal would then be put to a national referendum.

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At the Citizens' Parliament half the people would be women, and half men. Some of them would be young, and some old. There would be one from every electoral district, and their educational levels would also match the census data. In short, it would be a mirror of our society.

Then, over the course of a year, in a respectful setting, with expert facilitation and access to balanced information, these people would make a proposal in the long-term interests of our country. A referendum would check if a majority of people agree with them.

The Citizens' Parliament may look something like this:

Citizens' Parliament

Assemblies like the one above are becoming more and more common. The proposal above is similar to what the government in  the province of British Columbia, Canada, did when they pursued electoral reform in 2004.

Why a Citizens' Parliament? Because they work. Because people trust the decisions they come to. Because they come to decisions we all would come to if we had access to balanced information and the time to deliberate on options together with a diverse group of people. Because the many are smarter than the few, and these people are free from the constraints imposed on today's politicians. Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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